Rev. Bob Brach
Tuesdays, 12 PM CT
The Fourth Dimension: The Last Lecture
Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Happy election day! I hope each of you has exercised your right to vote privilege today. Today is also the last of the series of the Fourth Dimension lectures that Charles Fillmore gave in April 1934 at the Eastern Star Temple in Sacramento, California. My wife, Rev. Margie Brach, is my guest co-host. Margie and I got to visit the Eastern Star Temple and actually stand in the hall where Mr. Fillmore spoke to several hundred Sacramento Unity Truth students some 78 years ago. The theme of this last lecture is "The currents of thought in the race mind manipulate the invisible substance, and make for lack or for prosperity, at  the option of the thinkers." Are you ready to exercise your option?