Bill Free
Bill Free
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Friday, January 29, 2016
Join Rishi on this direct line to Sahaja every week to dialogue with beings who are living at Sahaja right now! I would say this kind of Utopian society was similar to the life of the Essenes, which was the tribe of Jews that Jesus grew up in outside of Jerusalem.

These dialogues are in direct collaboration with Mooji and the Sangha. Thank you for Joining with Rishi (Bill Free) in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Vidya this week who hails from Berlin. She has a very interesting life as a concert Cellist, but the most profound experience of her life of 70 years occurred in the past four as a result of finding Guruji. This is a very delightful talk.

Vidya will describe her experience with Mooji as “becoming nothing.” I asked her: what is your experience in becoming nothing? “I am the happiest woman on earth ... This is the true experience.” These new conversations are current talks on Skype that were arranged with the blessings and the guidance of Guruji and his aides. This is the series of dialogues with Sahaja on Unity Online Radio … Thank you for joining.
Vidya says, “She is present every moment.” Mooji says, “You can see the mind so you can drop it."