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Bill Free
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Karuna Ma
Friday, February 12, 2016
Lisbon continues the series with Disciples of Mooji direct from Portugal. Join Rishi on this direct line to Sahaja to dialogue with beings who are living at Sahaja right now!  
These dialogues are in direct collaboration with Mooji and the Sangha. Thank you for Joining with Rishi (Bill Free) in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Karuna Ma this week who hails from Canada. Karuna Ma met Mooji on Youtube, then to London like many of us before ending up in Portugal.
"There is nothing inside or outside," says Karuna Ma. When I asked Karuna Ma what her highest desire is, she started laughing … Why? Because the one watching realizes there is no desire from the self. "There is nothing wrong with desire," she says. This is just the person appearing in the play. When we are vigilant to watch the mind, it loses its power.
I asked Karuna Ma about a well-know saying from Jesus: "Love your neighbor as yourself." She says, "Mooji takes you to a higher step at the inquiry. Who are you to have a neighbor?"