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Friday, September 2, 2016
Amita met Guruji on Youtube, as many others have, and immediately she knew she had met her Master.
Question for Amita: What is the feeling at Sahaja right now, only a few days before the silent retreats?

Answer: “There’s this energy that comes from getting ready for the beings who are coming in search for truth. It’s like you don’t get tired."

Question: What is your favorite thing at Sahaja or favorite thing to do?
Answer: “Everything I do here, it comes from the same place and becomes Joy …”

Amita describes her own search as being her own self she has been searching for.
There’s a clear demonstration of service for those who live at Sahaja and are getting ready for the retreat. Amita says of Guruji’s teaching: "The mind can come very strong, but none of this can survive in the life of inquiry. Everything is different when you’re not coming from your old identified state. Someone who is in search for Truth does not give importance to anything which is perceived."

Rishi joins with Amita, who also embraces the pointings of this Advaita Master, Sri Guruji, who also goes by another endearing name lately … Moojibaba. I love it! The many names for a Master …