Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Dr. Cher Holton, and Rev. Dr. Bil Holton
Mondays, 10 AM CT
Denials and Affirmations
Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This week we explored the fifth employee talk in a series of 12 of which we have 10. Today’s talk, delivered by Charles Fillmore on Wednesday, September 10, 1924, is titled, “Denials and Affirmations.” In this talk he shares how to use denials and affirmations to control our thoughts. Fillmore states, "The power within can control every thought in your mind, the power of thought. We do it just as we do in the outer. We say yes [affirmations] and no [denials]. … It is natural for you to control your thoughts. You are constantly doing it. You can’t make a move in your mind or body without thought activity."

This week we also explore the terms “harmony, divine, how lost” to “healing absent” in The Revealing Word.