Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Peace: Why You Don't Want It
Friday, June 16, 2017
If you have ever wondered why you say you want peace (and joy and happiness), but your experience is conflict, depression, anger, guilt, and doubt, tune in to today's show with Max Just and Lisa Natoli! If you don't have peace consistently, the reason is simple: You don't want it. A Course in Miracles gives us four obstacles to peace, and the No. 1 obstacle is your desire to get rid of it.

Do you throw love away when it shows up? Do you look for things to criticize, judge, and fight with when things start to get peaceful? Do you feel stress and anxiety when things start going good? This is a normal, habitual pattern for most people because we have trained ourselves for conflict and struggling in life. Peace makes most people nervous. They think a peaceful life will be boring, so the mind does things unconsciously to stay in drama. If you feel that you really do want peace and you are ready for a life of joy and happiness, where you feel centered, clear, and grateful, this show is for you! 
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