Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Judy Morton: Move From Scarcity to Abundance Now!
Friday, November 27, 2015
Do you wish you had more money? More love in your life? More joy? More peace? Do you feel stuck and wonder how to get unstuck? Many people have resigned themselves to a life of mediocrity, boredom, and lack. What if you knew you could change your life WITH A DECISION? What if it was that simple? Well, it is that simple! All you have to do is change your mind, stop looking at the appearances of your life, and begin living in faith and trust knowing you have everything now.

Listen to this powerful and inspiring discussion with Judy Morton, who did just this—she transformed her life with a decision. Judy teaches abundance and encourages people to stop playing small and making excuses. She went from having everything to having very little to having everything again. She tells her story of how dramatically her life changed in a very short time, and the steps she took. She says the key is to have a strong spiritual foundation—to put God front and center in everything. After doing this, take action—don't wait! Even if the action defies logic and reason, do it. You must step into the invisible realm of abundance in order to experience abundance. 
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