Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Jim Young: "The Only Real Guru Is Found Inward, Heard in the Voice of Silence."
Friday, November 14, 2014
Join Bill and Lisa as they talk with spiritual teacher Jim Young. He will describe the practice of "living an extraordinary life in an ordinary reality" through the discipline of learning to listen and hear, by asking questions to your own inner guide, and then listening to the answers. Jim says: "Silence is the language God speaks." Find out the three powerful questions to ask yourself in any situation or difficulty in which you need clarity, peace, or direction.

Dr. Jim Young is an award-winning spiritual author, poet, and program presenter. A regular contributor on Internet radio programs (including his own weekly segment, BeHearNow™, on the Ozark Harvest Hour), Young faithfully follows his inner calling by writing about and leading others from various religious and spiritual traditions to the deeper, life-changing meaning and purpose for them. Jim’s writings, presentations, and teachings reframe Life’s journey from one of separation and the chaos separation engenders, across the spiritual threshold to Oneness, and the inner joy and peace that witness this perspective. Dr. Young is a gifted inspirational speaker who often uses Life’s stories to convey spiritual meaning, and inspires others to look within for the Truth that transcends the superficial.

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