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Lisa Natoli
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Dr. Rod Chelberg, M.D.: Working With Christ
Friday, December 4, 2015
An emergency room doctor for 14 years and geriatrics doctor for four years, Rod Chelberg, M.D., is currently the medical director for three nursing homes in the Bangor, Maine, region as well as the medical director of Beacon Hospice in Central Maine. He has visionary experiences, sees auras, sees Christ, and hears the voice of Christ.

In this interview, Rod describes his practice of praying with his patients and their families. He describes how he enters into a state of deep peace and how everyone can do this. He says, "My job is to hold the Presence, to hold the space." Rod talks about how he asks Christ for help, how he sends Christ into situations before he gets there, and how Christ takes care of everything. 

He has studied and practiced A Course in Miracles since 2005 and has begun writing articles and giving lectures on his visionary experiences and healing work. Rod says, "I walk with one foot in the world of spirit and one foot in the work of the ego. I see auras, and I hear the voice of Christ. I help people transition into heaven, and I get to see Christ when I do this. I have deep meditations where I am light. I feel deep peace, oneness, and a quite joy. Sometimes I go into the heart of God and there is no thought, only awe, complete Love."  

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