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Lisa Natoli
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Corinne Zupko: Take 5! From Anxiety to Love With Mindfulness Meditation
Friday, June 19, 2015
Looking for inner peace? Are you ready to move from anxiety to love? There is no better feeling than releasing fear. Come join Lisa & Bill for this inspiring interview with Corinne Zupko. She describes her story of how she used the principles of A Course in Miracles to shift from anxiety to an experience of joy and peace, through meditation, praying, and daily contact with her inner guide. It's as easy as taking five minutes to check in with yourself and be willing to change your thoughts. If you are experiencing sickness, pain, or problems, tune in to this interview for practical, simple tools. It could change your life!
Corinne Zupko is a teacher of A Course in Miracles, keynote speaker, adjunct professor of counselor education, licensed counselor, coach, and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also one of the founders of the nonprofit organization Miracle Share International. She began her work with A Course in Miracles in 1997 after struggling with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. More than any other method of relief she could find in the world, it has been practicing the principles of ACIM that have brought her to finding and maintaining inner peace. Her personal website is fromanxietytolove.com.
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