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Lisa Natoli
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Choose Again! Six Steps to Freedom, With Diederik Wolsak
Friday, June 5, 2015
Do you experience depression? Anxiety? Pain? Anger? Conflict? Addictive behavior? If the answer is YES, then tune in to this inspiring interview with Diederik Wolsak, program director of Choose Again—a residential holistic healing center in Costa Rica based on A Course in Miracles—as he explains the simple six-step process used to heal thousands of people. Where medication has failed, where mainstream therapy has left clients talking for years, the Choose Again approach has helped thousands discover a deeper sense of peace and joy in all aspects of their lives. Throughout the past 15 years, Choose Again has developed a highly successful program with a success rate in excess of 80-85 percent. While virtually all clients arrive at our center on some kind of medication—legal or illegal—the vast majority leave free of chemicals of any kind. There simply is no medication that cures depression or anxiety or the deep sense of hopelessness so many people struggle with. But there is a solution! Diederik says: "Our mission is to help others and ourselves to remove the barriers to love we have erected and to then experience peace and joy in life, regardless of our stories, symptoms, or diagnoses."

Diederik Wolsak was born into a concentration camp in Indonesia in 1942 and spent the first three years of his life in Japanese concentration camps. He was placed into a foster home at age 8, by which time he was filled with hatred, fear, and guilt. This self-hatred, fear, and guilt translated into prolonged alcohol and drug abuse till finally at age 50 he reached a point where he realized there had to be a better way or there would be no point in continuing. While his self-hatred drove him to be a successful businessman and international athlete, it allowed him little joy. Following the fork in the road where something had to change in his life, Diederik entered upon a spiritual path of deep healing. This path eventually led to a fulfilling career as counselor in private practice. He is a masterful therapist. Diederik is the founder and program director of the Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Centre. He is the lead facilitator of both the Vancouver and Costa Rica arms of the organization. He is an international workshop leader, public speaker, and relationship counselor with years of experience in group facilitation.

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