Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Beverly Hutchinson McNeff: Bringing "A Course in Miracles" Into Practical, Day-to-Day Living
Friday, October 31, 2014
Join Bill and Lisa as they interview Beverly in this one-hour inspiring talk as she talks about the gifts of A Course in Miracles and likens the spiritual principles to Felix the Cat's "bag of tricks". She talks about Listening to the Holy Spirit and about Prayer - how a lot of people use prayer as a last resort when it really would benefit more as a first resort and how there is no right or wrong way or set way to pray.  
Beverly Hutchinson McNeff is  a teacher, spiritual counselor, international lecturer, and author. She became a student of the Course in 1977, and, with her brother Richard, founded Miracle Distribution Center (MDC) in 1978. Next to the Course’s publisher, MDC is the longest running organization based on A Course in Miracles and is respected for its service and commitment to students’ understanding and application of the material. Its popular publication, The Holy Encounter, of which Beverly is the editor and primary writer, is read by thousands around the world. www.miraclecenter.org
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