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Joanne DiMaggio
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Ask Joanne DiMaggio what is her soul's purpose and she gives her answer with a smile: "I am a reporter for the Universe." Joanne says writing is part of her spiritual DNA and sees her soul's mission in this life to observe, record, and disseminate information about her particular area of expertise in esoteric studies: soul writing and past life exploration.

Since she was a teenager, Joanne has been an avid student of metaphysics. A professional writer and author of three books and hundreds of magazine articles for both mainstream and esoteric audiences, she began devoting all her time in 1987 to esoteric studies, specializing in past life exploration, research, and therapy. She eventually combined her passion for soul writing with her knowledge of reincarnation and today is considered a respected expert in both fields. Her first esoteric book, Soul Writing: Conversing With Your Higher Self, was published in 2011 by Olde Souls Press. Its sequel, Your Soul Remembers: Accessing Your Past Lives Through Soul Writing, was published in 2013.