Rae Zander
Rae Zander
Fridays, 12 PM CT
One Day I Woke Up
Friday, September 2, 2011
Everyday awakenings are our focus today. We are going to wake up to the experience of creating our lives with our vibration (feeling tone), and also to how we influence the way OTHERS show up in our world. Yep, that annoying employee or relative is trying to tell you something about what you are putting out there. Come with us and celebrate this hour on how to absolutely alter how your relationships are showing up, without ever having to say a word to anyone. It's an inside job, baby! And it's time to awaken to how we can bring the best out of everyone we know.

My guest and co-host will be Janice Campbell of Receive Your Life on Unity Online Radio. (www.receiveyourlife.com)