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Why's It Easier to Talk About Sex Than Money? With Manish Thakor
Tuesday, March 29, 2016
What's your relationship with money? Many people find it easier to talk about sex than to create a dialogue around their personal finances. Manisha Thakor is a financial adviser with a difference. Her father talked to her about money at the age of eleven and this shifted her whole life. Many women have been sheltered from talk about money growing up. In realtionships women often feel uneasy talking about their financial situation. In this open and frank conversation with Manisha Thankor, we'll explore attitudes about money like: - Can we be both spiritual and have a healthy and balanced relationship to money? - What are some healthy attitudes about money? Can we invest in stocks and bonds and be "good" and stay sane and calm? Manisha will help us to understand the challenges around attitudes like fear and money and shift it to joy and money. Here's the link to find out more about Manish Thakor at moneyzen.com.