Debra Moffitt
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Transformational Business: Part 2 With Chicco Tatriele, Cofounder of Fivelements
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Chicco Tatriele, cofounder of Fivelements, a unique, eco-conscious, wellness retreat in Bali, Indonesia, talks about balance and harmony in creating a transformational business. He relied on a strong connection with vision and values and corporate branding experience to develop this award-winning healing destination. Discover the heart-based business fundamentals of how this transformational business came into being and is expanding to Hong Kong. With a mission of "Creating the space for Life Transformation and Love in Action" and a vision of "Learning to Love and Respect Life," Fivelements offers raw vegan gourmet cuisine, and inspirational contemporary architecture using recycled bamboo and local Balinese style. Fivelements aims to preserve ancient Balinese healing practices and employs local healers and priests for massages and rituals. Find out more at fivelements.org.