Scott Catamas
Scott Catamas
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Reflections on Marriage as a Spiritual Path
Monday, March 7, 2011
For our wedding anniversary, we are dedicating this episode to be an honest exploration of marriage as a Spiritual Path. The tools of Compassionate Communication have been essential to our marriage, as we are extraordinarily different people. Our special guest for this episode is Kutira Decosterd, world-renowned author, teacher, facilitator, founder of The Kahua Institute in Hawaii, and a longtime friend who performed our wedding ceremony. The purpose of The Kahua Institute is to explore and teach new ways of awakening the divine, opening the heart, and creating ecological sustainability both within and without. Together we will offer practical ways to develop an authentic relationship with one's "Higher Self," "God Self," soul, and look at it from both the point of view of connection to Self, to the Divine, to our family, friends and romantic beloveds.