Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Archived Show
Exploration and Connection, With Rev. Mark Fuss, Theodore Collins, and Josh Pitcher of Collette Travel
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Travel connects our soul's need to see others as ourselves and provides opportunity to connect to our essential nature of love, life, and light through the immersion of customs and age-old traditions. Join Ted Collins, Josh Pitcher, and Revs. Mark Fuss and Evelyn Foreman as they explore the call and wonders of spiritual travel.  Tune in as Ted, Josh, and Rev. Mark share their experiences of awe and inspiration through the exploration of spiritual travel. In particular, their talks take us to the enchantment, charm, and wonder of Ireland. Travel With Unity is a calling on our hearts to unite in body, mind, and spirit with our dear friends from all over of the world. For more information about Travel With Unity, call 1-866-348-6489 or learn more at unityinstitute.org/travel.