Rev. Bob Brach
Tuesdays, 12 PM CT
The Currents of Thought
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Start the new year with more of Charles Fillmore's lessons on the Fourth Dimension. Today's show is lesson No. 9 of a lecture series that Mr. Fillmore did in the fall of 1932 with Cora Dedrick, then his secretary and later his second spouse. This lesson is titled "The Currents of Thought in the Race Mind Manipulate the Invisible Substance, and Make for Lack or Prosperity, at the Option of the Thinkers." Wow ... long topic, but Mr. Fillmore is speaking about how the Collective Consciousness affects us. This is some nice information as we begin 2014. My wife, Rev. Margie Brach, will cohost this show as she has been for this series of lessons on the Fourth Dimension.