Revs. Lonnie Vanderslice and Dan Beckett
Tuesdays, 4 PM CT
Music That Heals the Soul
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Music is a natural expression of our deepest self. Finding the music in our own soul helps us heal and moves us into new connections with ourselves and others. Spcial guest Kathy Moser, an award-winning professional musician in long-term recovery, gives recovery performances and songwriting workshops for recovering people. Her workshops are not only fun—they develop practical recovery skills. Kathy has presented at The Meadows, Rutgers’ Summer Institute, Caron Texas, Father Martin’s Ashley, Alina Lodge, Gosnold on Cape Cod, and many more. She shares her newest recovery music and what is happening in her exciting creative work with recovering people. Learn more about Kathy’s work at sonicbids.com/band/musicforrecovery