Revs. Lonnie Vanderslice and Dan Beckett
Tuesdays, 4 PM CT
Journey to the Center of the Self
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Spirituality is about waking up to yourself at ever deeper levels—and discovering that you are connected to a loving, nurturing Power. Awakening means willingness to face and resolve the hurts and defenses that keep you asleep, so you can encourage your precious, creative self. Special guest Carol Browne shares what it takes to find and nurture your authentic self. Carol has been a substance abuse counselor for more than 30 years, working to help people advance and enhance their recoveries. Her focus is on helping clients take the healthiest and best possible care of themselves, freeing them to live more fulfilling and joyful lives. Carol also uses service dogs in her work with clients. These dogs are trained to work with autistic children. Learn more about Carol’s work at www.carolbrowneabetterway.com.