Revs. Lonnie Vanderslice and Dan Beckett
Tuesdays, 4 PM CT
Growing Up All Over Again
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Childhood in a family affected by the disease of addiction (and all that goes with it) is intense and painful. When adults who have had this experience undertake the challenge of exploring and healing how they were impacted, they create a deeply rich opportunity for spiritual development. And they are often surprised to discover their immense, innate strength. Special guest Carol Browne shares what it takes to grow up all over again. Carol has been a substance abuse counselor for more than 30 years, working to help people advance and enhance their recoveries. Her focus is on helping clients take the healthiest and best possible care of themselves, freeing them to live more fulfilling and joyful lives. Learn more about Carol’s work at www.carolbrowneabetterway.com.