Revs. Lonnie Vanderslice and Dan Beckett
Tuesdays, 4 PM CT
Free to Love—Resetting the Patterns That Keep Us Lonely
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
A lot of what we learned about love relationships we learned in our family or circumstances of origin. Recovery makes it possible to learn new ways of relating. With awareness and commitment, we can recover our sense of self and our ability to develop truly loving, fulfilling relationships. Special guest John Herald Lee is an international best-selling author and speaker and one of the founding members of the men's movement. He shares how men and women can clarify and dismantle counterproductive dynamics of male-female relationships in a nonshaming, nonblaming way. John’s latest book is Breaking the Mother-Son Dynamic: Resetting the Patterns of a Man’s Life and Loves. Also, on March 24, in Austin, Texas, John will be the keynote speaker at the ninth annual It Happens to Boys Conference, the premiere conference addressing the effects and healing tools for male survivors of sexual abuse, their partners, and families. Learn more at creativechangeconferences.com and johnleebooks.com