Janet Conner
Thursdays, 1 PM CT
William Keepin, Ph.D.—The Parallel Path in Science and Spirituality to the Universal Path of Divine Love
Thursday, November 17, 2016
Big Question: How can I recognize and honor the time of harvest in my life?

I read more than 100 spiritual nonfiction books a year. Each year, I find 10 at most that speak to me at such a deep level that I turn into an evangelist for their message. Belonging to God is one of those books. In fact, I have placed it on my “essentials” shelf. Nestled among Hafiz, Rumi, Meister Eckhart, and John O’Donohue, William Keepin will be a primary resource for my spiritual life and my books from now on. I’ve long loved the intersection between science and spirituality. From the moment I first saw photographs of fractals in the 1980s, my heart told me “this is important.” But only reading William Keepin, did I finally understand what my heart always knew. If you listen to just one conversation on The Soul-Directed Life this year, let it be Belonging to God.