Janet Conner
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Sheila and Dennis Linn—How to Receive the Gifts of a Near-Death Experience Without Dying
Thursday, July 28, 2016
Big Question: How can I recognize what needs to change?
Three years ago Mirabai Starr declared, “You must become friends with death,” on this show. I took it as a personal command and have explored the relationship of life and death ever since. A wonderful place to start is with the phenomena of near-death experiences. People who return from death are transformed. They see and feel and hear what we, who have not touched that threshold, do not. But can we? Sheila, Dennis and Matthew Linn have explored the depth of NDE. And they’ve written an essential book, The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences: You Don’t Have to Die to Experience Your True Home. You do not have to die to reap the benefits of an NDE! You can create a spiritual practice that helps you catch the “benign virus” of an NDE. If you want to live, practice dying!