Janet Conner
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Meghan Don—What Can the Divine Feminine Teach Us About Our Shadows?
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Big Question: How can I embrace the wisdom of my shadows?
Meghan Don is an initiate of the Sophian Lineage and founder and leading guide of the Gnostic Grace Circle. Meghan is a spiritual mentor, retreat presenter, and author of Meditations With Teresa of Avila, which won the Ashton Wylie/New Zealand Book Council Award for Best Book and Author. She studied with a Maori Tohunga (shaman), lived in Krishna’s birthplace in India, and trained with Gnostic Master and Kabbalist Teacher Tau Malachi of the Sophian Lineage. Her quest to find the divine feminine in Christianity led to encounters with Teresa of Avila and Clare of Assisi.