Janet Conner
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John Welshons and Mirabai Starr—A Path to Seed More Love in the World
Thursday, December 15, 2016
Big Question: What beauty am I now carrying in my heart?
For weeks leading up to the election, I had nightmares about being stalked. I woke the morning of November 9 in shock. My whole body reeled as I watched America appear to choose hate over love, exclusion over inclusion. I begged Sophia for help. That night I had an intense 12-hour dream. At the end of the dream I was handed a playing card, the 1 of Hearts. I knew I was being asked to create a global community to shower Washington with unconditional divine love to feed the voice of love in "We the People" and protect the vulnerable. I contacted Mirabai Starr and John Welshons to ask them to launch this global community of prayer with me. Join us for a deep meditation to awaken the light within and send it to Washington. The prayers of love and healing begin today!