Janet Conner
Thursdays, 1 PM CT
Gayle Lawrence
Thursday, March 14, 2013
I have a special and deeply personal gift for you: Gayle Lawrence, founder of Journeys of Discovery http://www.ajourneyofdiscovery.com. Three years ago Gayle told me something magical always happens when you step away from your known, scheduled life and travel into the unknown. I didn’t understand what she was talking about until I took my first group of soul writers on a Gayle-designed Soul-Journ to Oaxaca, Mexico. The experience was so profound, I now lead a Soul-Journ every year. Listen as Gayle tells us what it’s like to swim with a humpback mother whale and her calf, track gorillas in Uganda, and enter sacred sites tourists never get to see. It all started when the rocks in Machu Picchu spoke to her. Come listen to what happens when you step into an outer adventure that becomes an inner journey for your soul.