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Friday, September 16, 2016
Shivaganga says, “It is by Guruji’s grace that this consciousness happens.”
Question: Are you out of body or are you aware of body? Listen for the answer as it will give you insight in where Shivaganga is coming from … it’s very good!
Question: Do you think about health, finances, or relationships? Answer: “I would say somehow it happens automatically, and life seems to facilitate it.” Rest and Trust ..

“It’s very different than a state of mind that one thinks you are the one who needs to deal with things and somehow you are separate ... it’s all just one movement."—Shivaganga
“When you’re just open, whatever has to be done is somehow informed.” If your heart is open, it’s beautiful! When asked how Awareness of the Self appears for her, she said, “The recognition is immediate and somehow the reorientation of consciousness takes time …"