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Bill Free
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Friday, April 29, 2016
This week Rishi is interviewed by a former student of the Teachers of God Foundation 40-Day Program and the mastery course.  
Dr. Seema was born in India and lived most of her life in New York City. She still remembered the more holistic approach to healing she witnessed back home. Her paternal great-grandfather practiced Unani medicine, a form of traditional medicine similar to Ayurveda. Seema is a great story of transformation from medicine to mind. This interview is more about living in Presence and the practice of being in alignment as pure Awareness as presented by your host Rishi. Seema offers online coaching programs and courses to help you heal your mind with coaching for inner peace. You can find her online at coachingforinnerpeace.org.
“It has been rightly said that if you lose your wealth, you lose but little. If you lose your health, you lose something. But if you have lost peace of mind, you have lost everything!”—Seema