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Rupert Spira, Part One
Friday, November 25, 2016
This week, and for the next three weeks, Rishi and Amy Torres will share from the unique experience they shared while on a one-week retreat in San Francisco with well-known Advaita Teacher. We'll discuss what I will call the "wisdom of an Advaita" and nondual teacher, Master Rupert Spira.
As you listen to the interview, it becomes obvious that although the language and even the symbols may be different, the content and the pointing remain the same. In this talk, Amy and Rishi introduce several workbook lessons from the Course. l sit back with pure joy to hear it reworded by Rupert using metaphors from Sufism, Bhagavad Gita, Ramana, and more as he describes the universal nature of the truth.
Rishi and Amy have both been teachers/students and facilitators of the Course for a long time. They both talk about this retreat experience like wow! This is just what the Course or Mooji have been sharing, only spoken in a little different way from a world-renowned nondual expert.
Rupert says in this dialogue that the highest pursuit is to know the Ultimate nature of your own Divine Mind. Anyone who knows their self knows the world. As Course students, we ask Rupert Spira to give his explanation of the well-known Course answer to the question (and this is how the dream seemed to happen):
Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting 0to laugh0, did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects (T-27.VITI.6:2-3)?
One thing you will walk away with for sure is the simplicity of enlightenment for all of humankind.
Enjoy this awesome! Part One of the talks where A Course in Miracles meets Rupert Spira.