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Bill Free
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Rupert Spira and Amy Torres
Friday, December 2, 2016
This week is Part 2 of the dialogue interviews Rishi and Amey Torres share from the retreat in San Francisco with well-known Advaita Teacher and what I will call the wisdom of an Advaita and nondual teacher, Master Rupert Spira. As you listen this week Rupert unpacks more wisdom and rich insights interpreting major themes from A Course in Miracles and the Advaita similarities.
Rishi and Amy have both been teachers/students and facilitators of the Course for a long time. They both talk about this retreat experience like wow—this is just what the Course or Mooji have been sharing, only spoken in a little different way. This week will give you great Insights into resolving all of your most difficult situations and questions, including relationships, choice, and listening to your deepest love and understanding (the Holy Spirit or internal guide), and what that looks like. Enjoy this awesome Part 2 of the  two talks where A Course in Miracles meets Rupert Spira.