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Bill Free
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Friday, February 26, 2016
Rishi worked alongside Ribhu four years ago when he first went to Portugal. Ribhu remains dedicated to the pull of Sahaja and the Pointing of Mooji to the Absolute Truth within. Since I first met Ribhu, he has since married another beautiful being and Disciple of Sri Mooji named Mirabai. The two of them are great! They're a testament to joining for the purpose of awakening and the pointing of Guruji …
Rishi joins in dialogue with Devotees from the Ashram in Alentejo, Portugal, known as Monte Sahaja. The Devotees recognize the Truth in Guruji and realize they have met their Living Master. Ribhu says: “Everyone came to Monte Sahaja for his own freedom ... There is a lot of structure here now physically since you first came without affecting the inner pointing ... Everything Guruji points to is for the inner."
Listen to what Ribhu refers to as the “No Mind” experience. Ribhu says: “I had no experience before of a living Master, only from a book ... something was happening—I was being attracted in a very strong way ... I just felt this unconditional love." Listen as Ribhu describes his inner view of awakened mind observing the person. This dialogue will lead you to understand why so many from around the world drop everything in life as they know it to have the experience of being with and living under the Teaching and demonstration of this embodied Christ being. 
Ribhu says: “I found the one that can take me home.” I have heard this from many of the disciples.