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Bill Free
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More on Healing Through Relationships
Friday, June 9, 2017
"Teach no one that he is what you would not want to be." Today's show continues this past week's show, exploring healing through relationships. 
This is a live-audience format with great attendance. Here are a few questions for Bill and Amy. Tune in to the show for these and other answers to follow.

1. How to work with expectations from friendships, which are unmet by the other, disappointments, endings of friendship, with grace.

2. When you are in direct conflict with someone in the moment. What steps would you suggest to bring you into the present moment? I usually take a deep breath before I reply ... thank you, kindly ...

3. How do you deal with angry people in a social setting who are constantly angry at the world? Politics, religion, and so on.

4. How to become involved with what is going on in the government without getting stuck in my own opinions?

As we learn that a spotless mirror reflects loving relationships, we focus on the inner Light, ego projections fade, and the Holy Spirit's timeless love shines brightly.