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Bill Free
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Monte Sahaja—The Ashram of Sri Guruji
Friday, July 22, 2016
During this interview Mooji talks about a new phase of Sahaja, which I (Rishi) have also been a witness to even in these weeks that I am here at Monte Sahaja. The Ashram is fully the Presence of the Guru and somehow holds the Sacred essence of its Master and coccreator, Sri Guruji.
In this beautiful interview Mooji speaks about Sahaja and the spontaneous development of this Ashram that is a Gift of God to the world. You won’t want to miss this interview with Guruji. All of His talks are great! And this one gives a little background about some of the key fixtures of Sahaja like the Temple created in honor of Sri Poonja (Papaji) Mooji’s Master, Sri Ramana, and many other sages who are honored at Mount Yes. And then Sri Guruji speaks of Christ Chapel, which is almost completed at the Ashram in the upper Himalayas. This interview offers rare insights from the Master Himself about Sahaja and an Ashram whose time is come for the Great! Awakening on the planet.