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Mahesh From Brazil—“Deeply From My Heart I See Myself as All of You”
Friday, August 12, 2016
Rishi joins with Mahesh for a candid look at the witness of a transformation when one embraces the pointings of this Advaita Master, Sri Guruji. Mahesh is so grateful to be at Sahaja for one month now with his partner, who is also from Brazil. This dialogue is very alive and gives yet another perspective for what it’s like to be under the teachings of a living master. Mahesh says, “This is the most direct way I have ever come across to go all the way.”

This is where he stops identifying with the seeker and starts identifying with that which is prior to the seeker. “I can report about the transformation in my life from that which is before the transformation.” Mahesh shares a very clear message of what it looks like for him to live as the self. These dialogues are in direct collaboration with Sri Mooji and the Sangha. Thank you for Joining with Rishi in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Mahesh from Brazil.