Bill Free
Bill Free
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Friday, January 15, 2016
Rishi has a direct line to Sahaja every week to dialogue with beings who are living at Sahaja right now! In direct collaboration with Mooji and the Sangha, these devotees are coming on Pure Presence live from Sahaja for the next two seasons of the show.

Join with Rishi (Bill Free) in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Kimaya, who hails from Sweden. Kimaya will delight your interest in the way she ended up at Sahaja and how blessed she is in her new life at Sahaja. Kimaya works in the Sangha shop at Montae Sahaja and loves working there and being a part of this community.
These new conversations are current talks on Skype that were arranged with the blessings and the guidance of Guruji and his aides. This is the beginning of a running dialogue with Sahaja on Unity Online Radio … Thank you for joining.

Kimaya says, “Sahaja gives space for the heart; there’s no room for the person.”