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A Dialogue on Relationships and Awakening, With Bhavani
Friday, August 19, 2016
"When you are living from the Presence, your relationships can be very beautiful."—Bhavani

Rishi joins with Bhavani, who embraces the pointings of this Advaita Master, Sri Guruji. Bhavani is also grateful to be at Sahaja for one month now with her partner, Mahesh (who was on the show this past week). They are both from Brazil, and it was through the connection with Guruji that these two beings came to meet each other on this common ground, teaching and living in common purpose of self-realization.
Bhavani’s pull was a desire to be in the presence of Sri Guruji. Bhavani also shares a very clear message of what it looks like to be in relationship and living as the Self. These dialogues are in direct collaboration with Sri Mooji and the Sangha. Thank you for joining with Rishi in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Bhavani from Brazil.