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Devotee Sumantra
Friday, December 4, 2015
Join Bill Free in dialogue with devotee Sumantra from the Ashram in Alentejo, Portugal. Beautiful devotee Sumantra is a disciple of Enlightened Master Teacher Guruji. Sumantra is from Germany, also grew up in Australia, and met Mooji in 2011. She has been in community growing up her whole life with little interest in a guru until she met Guruji. She realized this is what she was always missing.
Sumantra also comes from the Buddha nature in the way she answers questions. You can see this in the dialogue. Thank you, Sumantra.
This dialogue will lead you to understand why so many from around the world drop everything in life as they know it to have the experience of being with and living under the teaching and demonstration of this embodied Christ Being. If you’ve ever wondered what it must have been like to be with Jesus, this is it … Every single moment with Guruji is directing us to the Truth.