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Bill Free
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Friday, February 19, 2016
Join Rishi on this direct line to Sahaja every week to dialogue with beings who are living at Sahaja right now! In this kind of Utopian society, I would say similar to the life of the Essenes, which was the tribe of Jews that Jesus grew up in outside of Jerusalem.
These dialogues are in direct collaboration with Mooji and the Sangha. Thank you for joining Rishi in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Deva this week, who hails from England. Deva first met Mooji in London and then followed him to Tiruvannamalai. “This is when I had enough courage to ask questions.”
“I could see in the being's eyes, I don’t know something recognized something.“ These new conversations are current talks on Skype that were arranged with the blessings and the guidance of Guruji and his aides.
“As you know, since I met Guruji I do not have a life anymore—that is what has changed, my life is now satsang. I was asked awhile back by a sangha member for how long I had been in satsang. The answer came like this: 'I have always been in satsang, all my life, the only different thing is that I didnt know, and now I do.'''
The second half of this audio is a great 12-minute teaching by Mooji describing awareness and giving attention to is-ness.