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Bill Free
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Become Like a Mighty Tree
Friday, August 5, 2016
Rishi joins Nitya for a fresh and insightful look at the transformation of one who desires only freedom and finds it when they truly embrace the pointings of this Advaita Master, Sri Guruji. Nitya, who knew nothing about spiritual things before she met Guruji, will blow your mind with her presence and clarity of living as the self. Nitya says it is Grace that brought her to Guruji, and it was a feeling like "I am sitting at the feet of Christ." 

Somehow time stopped, that Shaja is like a heaven-on-earth experience. She says if you are here for the Truth, it will reach you. These dialogues are in direct collaboration with Sri Mooji and the Sangha. Thank you for joining with Rishi in dialogue with beautiful Disciple Nitya from Ukraine.