Bill Free
Bill Free
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Amy Torres and Mooji
Friday, December 11, 2015
Join Bill Free (Rishi), cofounder of the Teachers of God Foundation, spiritual teacher, minister of A Course in Miracles, and follower of Mooji. 
Bill welcomes back Amy Torres, who is also a longtime student of the Course, minister, spiritual teacher, therapist, and devotee of Mooji. This dialogue comes at the Best! Best! time as Amy just returned from Sahaja and ended up having this perfect video interview with Guruji this past month. This video is so complete and personal it leaves you very connected to both Mooji and Amy. It makes you happy that they had the time to look at so many ideas in the Course in a very real and personal way with Mooji.
I am very grateful to be under the teachings of Great! teachers like Jesus from the Course and Mooji as a modern-day Jesus. Listening to Rishi and Amy talk about their own journey with Mooji and A Course in Miracles will help you to also understand their attraction to Mooji and the Course. They also offer tips and insights of their own awakening experience that may be helpful in your journey of awakening to the power of "Pure Presence."