Bill Free
Bill Free
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Friday, November 13, 2015
Join with Rishi (Bill Free) in dialogue with Amala from Switzerland. Rishi joins from the lotus pond at the Ashram in Alentejo, Portugal, known as Monte Sahaja, with Beautiful devotee Amala, disciple of Enlightened Master Teacher Guruji.
Amala met Mooji on YouTube in 2010, and she said, “This is it. You will know them by their fruits.“ She knew there was no doubt.She says, “I could see many beings come to realization with my own eyes.”
Amala says the awakening experiences the beings have here are just the beginning. At Sahaja there is space for things to come up and be seen. These teachings must come alive inside your heart. Mooji says, “It’s like the cow that jumps over the moon.” Amala says, “I feel like I’m following the embodiment of the Christ.”

I asked Amala: who is living your life? Her answer is the Golden Truth … Enjoy the talk in Part 1 and my commentary in the second half.