Amelia Kemp, Ph.D.
Amelia Kemp, Ph.D.
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Are People Who See and Hear Things Crazy or Clairvoyant?
Friday, March 11, 2016
Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with the schizophrenias or other psychotic diagnoses? Have you or they believed the diagnosis was incorrect because you felt misunderstood for having a form of clairvoyance or other spiritual gift that was minimized by the medical model as being real? If so, you won't want to miss this discussion with Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue, author of You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening, as she offers testimony and supports Dr. Kemp's motto that "you're not sick—you're sacred." They will attempt to clarify the energy basis at the root of the controversy between the spiritual paradigm and mental health professionals.