Jayne Coley
Jayne Coley
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Mary Morrissey Series 3 of 5: Rev. Sandy Diamond: Unleash the Law of FLOW
Monday, September 29, 2014

Secrets Revealed by World Traveler. Rev. Sandy Diamond is a widely respected and successful teacher of spiritual prosperity techniques and practices. As a prosperity master guide, she is recognized for her ability to assist in the removal of deeply embedded beliefs that block the flow of divine energy so the Law of Attraction may be activated in order to manifest all forms of prosperity. Through inner exploration and self-reflection, guided meditations and active prayers, Rev. Sandy facilitates the deep awareness and relationship between Mind and Spirit in order to facilitate the flow of energy capable of demonstrating true prosperity. Rev. Sandy takes these practices and combines them with specific focused prosperity tools, such as tithing, to support and guide students and practitioners in the successful demonstration of increased prosperity in their lives.