Jayne Coley
Jayne Coley
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BRILLIANT Money Management Accountant Mayuri Onerheim Reveals the Link Between Spirituality and Money
Monday, February 3, 2014
Jayne Coley interviews Mayuri Onerheim, an accountant who connects our money with our spirituality. For 30 years, she has given her life force energy toward connecting wisdom to address the spiritual aspects of money. She takes the jargon our of accounting and puts it in terms that are simple and easy to follow. Recognizing how poorly prepared most of us are to successfully negotiate the often-bewildering world of money, she turned her attention to identifying the principles and practical solutions that can help us to not only become clear about money and material means but also embrace money as a spiritual practice. Mayuri believes that what is needed during our era of globalization is a worldwide transformation of consciousness. Since money is embedded in almost everything we do, she is passionate about showing us how to bring consciousness into our money and to carry that into the world. Her latest book is Money Spirituality Consciousness: A Guided Inquiry Into Our Personal Relationship to Money.