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Rev. David Hulse

Positive Power of Spirituality

Rev. David Hulse
Archived Show

David incorporates science, sound, and spirituality into a unique program that is easy to understand. This allows him to reach diverse audiences seeking a path of enlightenment. His ability to gather fragments of truth from many different disciplines and tap in to present truths helps to bring all your experiences into focus.

Throughout his years of spiritual searching, David has challenged many traditional doctrines, theologies, and dogmas. He has inspired numerous individuals toward a journey of self-discovery by sharing his distinct New Thought perspective.

His stirring presentations of intuitive wisdom will inspire and challenge you to move from believing in God to the experiential realm of knowingGod, as well as cocreating and manifesting the values of spiritual principles on earth as it is in heaven.

We will take another look at some of the most important tenants of fundamental Judeo-Christian dogma. We will explore these basic ideas from the cultural context in which they were experienced and written, and also the influences of the translators. This will take us from a fear-based message of the Gospel to a Gospel of good news with a love-based premise. Join us for this inspiring and empowering program.

This program is brought to you in part by SomaEnergetics, online at somaenergetics.com

The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity.


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