Revs. Dale Worley and Christy Snow
Revs. Dale Worley and Christy Snow
Archived Show
Let Freedom Sing, With Marianne Lewis
Thursday, June 27, 2013
Marianne Lewis is a dynamic transformational artist whose soulful music takes you on a marvelous journey of true celebration. This incredible vocalist, songwriter, and choir director is passionate about the power of Love and the Truth that sets us free. In honor of Independence Day, Marianne shares her liberating “Unconditional Music” in this episode of our program, themed “Let Freedom Sing.” Be inspired to create a new soundtrack that supports a life of freedom and magnificence by experiencing Marianne’s heart-opening, exquisite rhythms from her CD's “Love’s Conspiracy,” “Mystical Renaissance,” and “Illumine.” Stand in your power with Marianne as she provides commentary and music that will align you with the truth of who you are. Explore more with Marianne online at www.unconditionalmusic.com.