Revs. Dale Worley and Christy Snow
Revs. Dale Worley and Christy Snow
Archived Show
Thursday, December 18, 2014
In this final episode of our program, Rev. Dale says "thank you" with a gift to you of New Thought songs and artists that have been meaningful in his life. Dale is saying "farewell" after five years as a host on Unity Online Radio. He is grateful to: Rev. Jamie Sanders, for suggesting that he make a proposal for this show back in the first quarter of 2010; to Denise Blake, former station manager, for saying YES to Music Speaks; to Harold Payne for allowing us to use his amazing song as our theme song and show title; to Rev. Christy Snow for saying YES to cohosting the show for the past year; to Jeff Comfort, for his technical wizardry as engineer and the fun we have had behind the scenes; and to current station manager Jeremiah Samborski, for leaving the door open for a possible new and improved show sometime in the not too distant future. And especially thank YOU to everyone who has listened and shared the program so faithfully. Remember, you may be the only music that someone hears today, so let your song be heard! Bless you.