Revs. Dale Worley and Christy Snow
Revs. Dale Worley and Christy Snow
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The B Sides
Thursday, June 19, 2014
Back in the olden days, before the Internet and digital downloads, wondrous and mysterious machines called phonographs played music from vinyl record albums. The smaller 45s only had two songs: an artist's hit single was on one side, and the flip side of the record was
called the "B side." Typically, the B side was a little-known song that may not have even been included on any of the artist's albums. In this episode of Music Speaks, we hear some great "B sides" from three major New Thought recording artists: Daniel Nahmod, Karen Drucker, and Rickie Byars. Your host Dale Worley presents songs that you may not have heard before, performed in a style that you may not expect ... and ends the show with a surprise recording from Agape International leader, Rev. Michael Beckwith!